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Seighford Hall Hotel & SPA

Located in the Staffordshire Countryside, Seighford Hall is a 16th Century grade 2 listed country house. In July 2020 the new owners of the property had a dream to restore and redevelop the property and the grounds to be a luxury Hotel & SPA. 


In December 2020 we were initially approached to establish a social media presence for the property as the revelopments continue to take place, yet prior to the opening in late 2022. Over time our role and scope within the project developed.


Once we were able to identify the key demographic and target audience of Seighford Hall, it was imperative that we created a branding that would resonate with this audience as we established this through social media and advertising. Furthermore, through working with our established contacts, we identified and managed partnerships for white labelling beverages, SPA and home products.

Welcome to Seighford Hall

Let’s talk about Numbers:


increase in social media engagements in the first three months.


increase in followers from December 2020 thru September 2021.


subscribers for the first newsletter release.

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