Social Media Video

Social media videos are the most cost-effective advertising method to increase sales & grow any business.

Expand your potential

We can design content to suit your target audience, ensuring that the videos we produce for your brand or business achieve their full potential.

Video Format

Three different video formats can be created to suit every social media platform.​

  •  9:16 (Instagram story/IGTV)

  • 4:5 (Instagram post, Facebook)

  • 16:9 (YouTube)

Drive traffic

Video content is the best effective way to drive traffic to your website and increase customers resulting in higher sales. 


Social media video-advertising is a simple and effective way to put your product or service in front of your target consumer online

Create a Successful Social Media Video

Social media videos are one of the greatest online marketing techniques you can use and it’s likely to remain this way for at least the next 18-36 months, regardless of your product or service. They increase brand credibility and authenticity which other traditional media tools aren’t able to accomplish.


Social media videos are a perfect way for companies to benefit from global PR campaigns and trends such as "International Industry Week". These campaigns have proven to drive engagement, increase consumer trust and build brand interest and essential company sales.

We're able to film at your company premises, outdoor locations, hotels, production studios or almost anywhere you need us to be. Our reduced-sized modern production equipment ensures flexibility when it comes to choosing a suitable location for your social media video.

82% of users find it off-putting to watch videos that are not optimized in their chosen orientation.

Ocular Media looks forward to working with you