Training Video

Quality training videos for businesses and organisations designed to educate and inform employees or consumers.

Guaranteed Quality

Training videos enable staff or customers to learn at any time; ensuring a high standard of training.

Design and engage

We design effective and engaging ways to translate training materials through the powerful medium of video.

teach new software

Whether you need to train new employees with internal software or share with prospective clients we can deliver high-quality software training videos to achieve your goals.

Our Training videos include

  • 4K Video Production and high-quality audio capture.

  • Music.

  • Motion Graphics.

  • Voice-over.

  • Amendments to the final video. 

Training Material

Ocular Media specialises in creating corporate training videos, screen-recording training videos, motion graphics, and voice-overs for a diverse range of organisations and businesses.

Training videos are an efficient means for staff, employee or consumer training. Whether you have specific instructional content that is needed to be delivered to a large number of people or induction material for new staff members, Ocular Media ensures that it’s training videos can be accessed by your target audience at any time from wherever they may be. Quality is also assured and guaranteed.

Our team can develop engaging training videos that deliver information succinctly & precisely from scripting through to delivery and distribution.

Training videos are 83% more effective; staff members remember concepts and details for longer.

Ocular Media looks forward to working with you