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Since its official launch as an all-in-one audio service in 2011, iHeartRadio has grown to become the #1 streaming broadcast radio platform. 

Serving The Americas, iHeartRadio listeners can stream thousands of live broadcast radio stations, hundreds of thousands of podcasts, music playlists for any mood or activity, personalized Artist Radio stations, all on demand, everywhere, on every device.

In June 2020, we produced their sample "iHeartRadio Top 5" - a 60s filler-commercial which showcased the most streamed songs in America, on the iHeartRadio app. 

Using our in-house voice over and music production, the audio was broadcast to over 450+ radio stations in 153 markets across America. 

All Your Favorite Stations, All Free.

Let’s talk about Numbers:


registered iHeartRadio users


downloads of the iHeartRadio app


live stations across every genre of music

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