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Strategic Communication

We produce content that will engage your audience and stakeholders. From writing captivating media statements and management pieces to providing reactive comments and press gatherings.

We take the time to understand our clients, objectives and their audiences. With careful planning, we ensure PR activity at all times

Crisis Management

Audiences rightfully demand high standards of the businesses they purchase from in addition to the companies in which they place their trust. Ocular Media's round-the-clock crisis management will protect your brands' reputation during a crisis.

Media Relations

From launching a new service or product to managing a crisis or even making a special company announcement, media coverage is vital.

Guerrilla PR

A carefully-planned publicity stunt that exudes creativity and audacity can capture the attention of the media and the general public. Stunts have to be timely, relevant and managed carefully in order to achieve success, resulting in an increased profit.

Public Relations

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