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Ocular Marketing

In the same way that each and very Iris is unique, so too are our marketing strategies for our
clients. Starting from a foundation of consumer research, market insights and analytics, we
uncover value where others might not think to look.

We strive to help companies push their brand, develop new services, discover revenue
streams and get more ROI for their advertising spend. Whatever your marketing needs, we’ll
invest time and expertise in really understanding your business, target demographic and
help you to achieve your goals.

We’ll offer analytical, strategic planning and implementation and can act as your outsourced
marketing function. Our passion remains with our clients growing as a result of our solutions
whether that be a start-up looking to build a brand and enter the market, to helping to inject
new life into a well-established brand by shifting focus.

Let’s talk about Numbers:


of users use social media to find a business online. 


of consumers search for a company online before using their services.


of consumers say authenticity is a key factor when deciding what brands they support

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