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Men's mental health charity MEN TOO UK was originally set up due to the increasing number of men's suicide across the North West of England. 

MEN TOO UK provides a supportive platform and awareness to everyone who needs help with men's mental health.

Since 2017, their one-of-a-kind Resource Centre is composed of experienced support groups, with individuals who are ready to listen, share advice, and offer whatever they can to help those going through a tough time.


Their goal is to help direct those in-need to organisations who can help. From financial support to emotional distress and depression- MEN TOO UK helped countless individuals as they navigate through difficult times. 

We re-launched MEN TOO UK in September 2020; redesigning their website, logo and designing a strategic marketing plan incorporating videos, graphic design and publicity stunts. 


Let’s talk about Numbers:


increase in social media engagements in Q4 of 2020


average weekly post-reach


monthly video views

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